Mirror sculptures by Graham Caldwell


Brooklyn based artist Graham Caldwell creates surfaces marked by crumpled and stretched distortions. Like seen in his latest works ‘Compound Eye’ and ‘Before After’ he mostly uses blown glass, steel, epoxy, mirrors, and other materials to create these otherworldly sculptures.

His practice is concerned with the elasticity of sight, and the way visual perception constructs and distorts the immediate external world. Graham Caldwell is interested in the historic and intrinsic association between glass and the act of looking, from the early lenses that allowed glimpses into the microscopic world, to the eyeglasses, ubiquitous windows, and mirrors inside telescopes that let us peer into space. ‘Much of my work focuses on glass as a conduit or modulating agent for light and its parallel in the functionality of the human eye: using a lens to flip an image of the world, upside down and backwards, into the brain where it is reassembled, through illusion and forensics.’ Though we aren’t biologists, we find Graham’s mirror theories manifesting in his sculptures really exciting.

All images © Graham Caldwell

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