The fascination of mass


The fascination of mass phenomenons accompanies the german artist, Claudia Rogge in her performances, interventions and visually stunning photographies. Contrasting individualism and mass society are quintessences of her work. Every protagonist and gesture is photographed and selected individually and afterwards digitally arranged on her computer to create a new piece of art.

While her first project ‘Rapport’ is dealing with the replication of mostly naked bodies in order to simulate conformity, her latest work is characterized by the coincidence of different protagonists moving and interacting with each other, seen in her composition ‘EverAfter’. The vibrating beauty of the pictures contrasts the homogeny impenetrability and holds something mysterious and threatening in itself. Not only an esthetic discourse, but a critical potential about mass as a lasting phenomenon, in the individual and in society.

All images © claudia rogge | Via: i-ref

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