John Gribben Plays With Materiality And Form In ‘Flitting’


Originally from Glasgow, London-based photographer John Gribben captures contemporary still life compositions, often infused with a sense of humour and subtle surrealism. A sharp eye for new ways that objects can interact with each other has led Gribben to shoot editorial series for Manolo Blahnik, Dior and LOBBY Magazine. His personal project ‘Flitting’, created in collaboration with set designer Amy Friend, also presents this sculptural play with material and form. Gribben captures natural matter of rocks, pebbles and clay alongside their print-out image counterparts, stacked and layered within the frame. The photographer explains, “By placing these flat, but three-dimensional, images into the physical set perspective and shape changes and create a sense of distortion in the viewer.”

All images © John Gribben

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