Lights Of The Moscow Underground By Vasily Kirsanov


Moscow-based creative Vasily Kirsanov captures striking black and white photographs of lights from the Moscow Metro. In the series, titled ‘Light of Moscow Underground’, Kirsanov takes an unusual angle by focusing on the geometric forms and patterns of lights in the subway system. The result is a collection of minimal and abstract images that evoke an eerie feeling.

All images © Vasily Kirsanov

Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_3Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_4Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_5Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_6Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_7Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_8Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_9Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_12Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_10Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_11Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_2Vasily Kirsanov_Photography_13
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