Jennilee Marigomen


Self-taught photographer Jennilee Marigomen’s main topic is the investigation of everyday urban phenomenon. The ongoing tension between the natural world and the urban intervention and vice versa permeate her images with a playful undertone and humor.

In her pictures you can feel the subtleties and displacements within nature, which sometimes leave the viewer with more questions than answers. It´s a mix of funny, sad and bittersweet. Thereby the heart of her photography are found scenes, just the things which come across her way, while she is walking by herself listening to music. The thing which makes her work special, it that her images contain a beautiful poetic whimsy, and that you are part of a privy moment which is simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary. Whether or not people are physically present in Marigomen’s images, you can feel a ghostly trace of humanity. The formal qualities of composition are expressive in their balance of form and color as well as her masterful portrayal of light.

All images © Jennilee Marigomen

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