Oh, Plastiksacki


‘Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum’, the latest street intervention by spanish art collective Luzinterruptus is part of the ‘Oh, Plastiksacki’ exhibition at the Gewerbemuseum of Winthertur, a show evolving around the common plastic bag.

The large-scale installation invites the inhabitants to bring disposable shopping bags to the museum in exchange for tickets to visit the institution’s various exhibitions. This initiative enabled them collect more than 5,000 bags to create the colorful and illuminated work. They filled the bags with air and placed thousands within two large dumpster bins, each outfitted with a light, to form a mountain of rainbow hued plastic. The project is meant to help on the discussion about consumption and the reality of plastic bags. Displayed over the course of four months, the work was also a documentation of the plastic bags’ evolution, sitting outside to face the elements demonstrating in a visual manner the reality of this common day object.
The exhibition is running until the 7th of October.

All images © Gustavo Sanabria | Via: Junkculture

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