Raton Salvaje


‘When I was a child, my aunt Ana brought my cousins and me to the amusement park in Valencia. During a few hours we got into a special and fascinating world, away of the complicated and in consequence boring adult’s universe…’

Jaume Albert Martí’s ‘Raton Salvaje’ is a portrait sequence of amusement park workers of a theme park from his childhood memory. Behind an illuminated, colorful, fantasy and funny context there is a precarious, sacrificed, nomad and hard way of life. Jaume Albert reveals a dark and wild side of amusement parks. Through his work he shows us the workers side; the outsiders who stay in their vans during a determinate time, down town or in the suburb of a city and leave again. The innocent point of view of a child may be unable to see through the luminous and sonorous art fact, which is displayed, but an adult’s look, cannot ignore the other side.

All images © Jaume Albert Martí

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