Car Poolers


Alejandro Cartagena was interested in submitting these images as they are a rare view into how Car Pooling is practiced by workers in Mexico in order to transport themselves to work everyday. Even though the workers are not conscious of the ecological impact they may have by traveling this way, as they are doing it to save time and money, they are a silent contributor to the preservation of our city and planet. These images are also a keener observation to overgrowth issues in Mexico where suburbs are being built is far away lands from the urban centers causing greater comutes and consumption of gas. Cartagena would like his work to reflect many things such as the workers state of mind while traveling and their working condition, the need and lack of proper transportation in Mexican cities, suburban sprawl, and these workers invisibility in a society struggling with a social crisis.

All images © Alejandro Cartagena | Via: Empty Kingdom

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