Memory Container


The Memory Container by Weiche Wu seeks to analyze our body, which contains both physical and emotional experiences. Translating biological data into a readable language using two ordinary objects, a scale and a height chart.

The Weight Recorder records the changing weight of a person over a period of time. The scales will eventually produce a graphic ‘life-tracing’ on a disk. The Height Recorder uses a common experience, featuring a doorframe as a height chart and leaving marks on it to show a child’s height, to record the specific memory. By using a long wooden stick hanging on the wall, the user can stand against the stick and draw a mark on it every year. After some years the stick can be cut into several pieces, according to the marks and reassembled into musical scales on a xylophone. Those scales are ordered by year, each scale represents an age of the user. Therefore, when a mallet slides across the xylophone, the sound pattern narrates the user’s height changing process.

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