House of Garden


mA-style architects completed the ‘House of Garden’ in Japan. The space was used as a garden before. According to the architect the garden had various woods and flowers, it was like a beautiful park. The view made him forget that it was supposed to be a residential area and he felt the garden was too beautiful to just build a house on it.

So he looked for an alternative to value the relation of the nature and the new house and to unify them in harmony. The architect tried to express the relation inside and outside by removing borders between the building and the garden. At first, he arranged the boxes in the green, paying attention to keep the sense of distance not to relate each space. Than he put the thin flat roof over the boxes, so that a borderless space appeared between the boxes and the outside. The sunlight and the blowing wind floods the space. The indoor space becomes part of the garden and the garden merges with the indoor space.

All images © Kai Nakamura | Via: ArchDaily

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