Villa CD by OOA | Office O Architects

Villa CD is a brutalist residential project, designed by OOA | Office O Architects in 2015. Situated on top of a light, sandy dune, not far from the Belgian seaside, the home stands within a community of bungalows built in the early 1960s, bordering a protected nature reserve on one side.

Inspired by the bungalow typology, the concept of the residence starts from a horizontal concrete plateau that cantilevers against a concrete conical wall. The bungalow is situated on the new plateau hidden behind the concrete wall. It is carried by the platform and has a completely open view over the allotment behind the house. The main living areas seem to float over the landscape, embedded in the gardenscape and connected to the street level. A ramp with concrete staircase leads to the entrance of two studios and the carport. For obtaining more privacy, the studios including a bathroom and kitchen are situated in front of the conical wall. Direct sunlight can find its way through the cutouts in the horizontal surface of each courtyard. Thus, both studios own large windows while preserving a sense of privacy and intimacy.


All images © Tim Van De Velde