The ‘Hutznhaisl’ aka ‘Schutzhütte am Fichtelberg’ by AFF Architects is protecting us from the dynamics of modern life, offering the possibility to escape from the self-inflicted limits of civilization. Nowadays bread slicers, bean-to-cup coffee makers, microwaves, 3D convection ovens, induction cookers, water beds, electric toothbrushes, entertainment on TFT displays and many other technical aids found their way into our huts.

And we developped the weird opinion not to be complete without them. We have to put ourselves to the test to return to the elements. This pursuit takes us to remote forests, high peaks and deep lakes, always in a search for our own limits and gave the impulse for the ‘Schutzhütte’. The hut appears to have been wrestled from the surrounding landscape, a concrete sculpture at the side of the road at border between civilisation and nature, where trees begin to outnumber houses. Here, away from the metropolis, there are no technological helpers, mobile phone signals, dishwashers, microwaves, televisions or condensing heaters. The concrete structure opens only to the forest, like a bus stop opens only to the street, always in the direction of the intended destination.

All images © Hans-Christian Schink

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