California Roll House By Violent Volumes


Hong Kong-based architecture practice Violent Volumes developed a futuristic concept house inspired by the shape of a California roll. Designed as a prefabricated home for a desert environment, ‘California Roll House’ employs a number of sustainable technologies and automatic systems to create a comfortable atmosphere. For instance, the exterior shell material is energy efficient and reflects heat from the sun. Moreover, skylights and windows are installed to allow natural lighting to enter the space.

All images © Violent Volumes

Violent Volumes_Architecture_0Violent Volumes_Architecture_2Violent Volumes_Architecture_4Violent Volumes_Architecture_1Violent Volumes_Architecture_5Violent Volumes_Architecture_6Violent Volumes_Architecture_7Violent Volumes_Architecture_8Violent Volumes_Architecture_9Violent Volumes_Architecture_10Violent Volumes_Architecture_11Violent Volumes_Architecture_12
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