Humlebæk House


Norm.Architects created the Humlebæk House. The client, an artist was looking for a sanctuary – a place with surrounding beauty to recreate and to be inspired from. This was found in a house on the open fields in Humlebæk. Placed in rural surroundings, near the water, it was perfect!
So the reconstruction of the house was next: And old, land workers house had to be turned into a modern home, with a lot more light coming in, in order to function as a home as well as a studio. The raw materials were the first inspiration: Brick walls, concrete floors and a huge steel beam supporting the first floor was actually part of the house when the project started. The original concrete floors were removed and floor heating was installed before the new concrete floor was laid out, sanded roughly and treated with a shiny epoxy. The floor heating allowed us to remove all wall-mounted heating from the ground floor and then we rebuild the walls as clean-cut white, matte surfaces.

All images © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen | Via: inspirefirst

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