Brutalist Buildings Made From Lego Bricks

With a penchant for Berlin architecture, German artist Arndt Schlaudraff creates brutalist buildings made out of white Lego bricks.

“For example, a building from Zaha Hadid or Juergen Mayer H is very hard to realise with Lego bricks.” After discovering the possibilities of the Lego Architecture Studio box, Schlaudraff started to recreate real life architecture on a small scale, from Villa Hutheesing by Le Corbusier and Casa Sperimentale by Giuseppe Perugini to the Tate Modern in London. He regularly shares his latest pieces on his Instagram account, ‘Lego Tonic’. In a recent interview, Schlaudraff said about the process behind his creations, “Sometimes it is frustrating that, due to the square blocks, it is nearly impossible to rebuild houses with many curves or rolling edges. For example, a building from Zaha Hadid or Juergen Mayer H is very hard to realize with Lego bricks.”

All images © Arndt Schlaudraff