Sunyata By Rafael Roncato

The photographer Rafael Roncato states about the projects “Sunyata (Sanskrit) is often translated as empty or, more precisely, emptiness. Emptiness is a characteristic of the phenomena: nothing has an independent existence, an essential identity. Everything integrated in life undresses an absolute identity, and is impermanent, interrelated and interdependent, so that nothing is totally self-sufficient or detached from the whole. All things are in a dynamic state of constant flux”.

2017-04-27_5901ef93ebaa6_Rafael_RONCATO_01.JPG 2017-04-27_5901ef93ebb12_Rafael_RONCATO_03copy.JPG 2017-04-27_5901ef93ebcc9_Rafael_RONCATO_19.JPG 2017-04-27_5901ef93ebc41_Rafael_RONCATO_18.JPG 2017-04-27_5901ef93ebbdc_Rafael_RONCATO_15.JPG 2017-04-27_5901ef93ebb78_Rafael_RONCATO_05.JPG