Rural Poetry

The commission consisted of a complete housing renovation. With respect for the conventional exterior, the intention was to create an inside space that would bring quiet and generosity. The clients’ request was to build a dwelling that would be contemporary, minimalist and modest, similar to their previous loft, while including a certain warmth, raw materials and luminosity. In this project, the relationship with the outside and the existing landscape drove the design for the inside. Materials such as wood, stone, Washi paper and brass were chosen for the space as a reflection of the outside, serving the interior by giving a warm and natural feel. In partnership with the client, Karine Szekeres and her team tried to get rid of all that was unnecessary, focusing on intrinsic and long-lasting comfortable architecture. This mindset did not interfere with the meticulous and fastidious care we attributed to details. The hidden and overlooked details are what make this house subtle, intimate and unique.