Rose House

Rose is a guesthouse made of concrete, weathering steel, glass and water. Because of a clean mod silhouette, the 160 square meter building seems to be simple, but it contains many elements. The steel exterior is private and fully immersed in the wild nature, whilst the inner part of the building – open and fragile. The layout is designed as a freely flowing space with transforming functional zones. An owner can move the walls and convert the space into one social ground floor for parties. The name Rose came from blooming red walls. In order to water a concrete flower the architect created an artificial pool bordering with a terrace from the one side. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide the interaction of nature and the interior. Seasons change is considered as a part of Rose. Resembling the life cycles of a flower – the nature blooms and withers away in the house. Architects: Sergey Makhno, Alexander Kovpak Year: 2017

Rose House Rose House Rose House Rose House Rose House Rose House