Phuoc Bistro

People love Berlin for its crossover and particular Berlin-style culinary delights. However, the design idea for this 40 sqm Asian Bistro consists of applying common far-eastern pictographs, represented by the used materials and shapes, and having them guide customers the way into a different world and dream a dream of another space with faith (altar) and the waves (roof tiles), the moon (circle), the earth (rectangle) and the clouds (cherry blossoms). All architectural elements chime in with creating an atmosphere of a courtyard, transforming the character of an interior into that of an exterior space. 7700 hand-crafted cherry blossoms made of transparent paper describe an ethereal shape, suspending from the ceiling. One hundred-year-old original beaver tail titles are used as vertical cladding and emit an ancient look. The limit of the space is obliterated by a play of materials, the cherry blossoms, their reflection in the window and their shadow on the wall.