Objects of Use Vases

Danish architect Anne Dorthe Vester and designer Maria Bruun, has in collaboration with multi disciplinary artist Pernille Andersen and Photographer Benita Marcussen, created a visual story ‘Objects of Use Vases’, that underline the interplay between fine crafted Danish design and the poetry between presence of material and landscape – dotted with an understated absurdity. The ambition was to create a poetic and graphic story and with a minimalistic and clear approach, capturing the quality of material detail of fine and intelligent craft, which is the core of Danish design. The product range of vases created by Anne Dorthe Vester & Maria Bruun is a series of bowls / vases / pots in three colors of stoneware. Each vase has a pedestal in oak, with brass cuffs. This can be turned upside down and has two use heights. The series is rethinking the flowerpot, but with tangible references to the old classics. The ambition was to create a functional series of vases with the aesthetic and m

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