The Ordinary Life Of Robert Extraterrestrial

“Robert Maurice is from far far away, the planet Gaia, in the globular cluster M13. After intercepting the Arecibo message, he decided to go to planet Earth to study it. Brice Krummenacker set him up a Facebook and Instagram account, and even registered him on the dating site: Tinder. On social media, he studies the influence of appearance and loves to strike a pose for the camera; far from the usual canons of beauty, he doesn’t care. He posts his galactic meals, landscapes of places he has travelled to and even acts the fashion blogger! A fictional character becomes reality. In this series, Brice Krummenacker studies social media which he strives to actively observe. His goal is to discover if a fictitious character can become reality, loved even!”

2017-01-15_587b703766c72_KRUMMENACKER_2.jpg 2017-01-15_587b703766cdf_KRUMMENACKER_4.jpg 2017-01-15_587b703766d47_KRUMMENACKER_8.jpg 2017-01-15_587b703766e0d_KRUMMENACKER_10.jpg 2017-01-15_587b703766dab_KRUMMENACKER_9.JPG 2017-01-15_587b703766e6f_KRUMMENACKER_12.jpg