Nel mondo di Camilla

These images have been realized in Bologna. The model called Bianca and I wanted to transmit the feeling of purity that this figure transmits to me. I love the natural light and I wanted a very simple and minimale style. I like to seek the geometries in the environments and in the subjects that I photograph, seek the genuine and pure looks.

2015-10-21_56276a9905dee_DSCF4404.jpg 2015-10-21_56276a9905d8b_DSCF4364.jpg 2015-10-21_56276a9905d2a_DSCF4343.jpg 2015-10-21_56276a9905cc2_DSCF4311.jpg 2015-10-21_56276a9905c1d_DSCF4304.jpg 2015-10-21_56276a9905bb1_DSCF4198.jpg