In The Shadow Of A Man By Child Studio

Child Studio designed a collection of sculptural lighting objects that play with the illusion of movement, exploring the perception of reality and fantasy. A series of glowing glass spheres appear to be rolling and sliding from the top of slanted geometric plinths, captured at a point of subtle balance, as if frozen in time. When viewed from different angles, the object’s shapes appear to change creating beyond-real three-dimensional effects.

2017-04-01_58df8158abe6a_01.jpg 2017-04-01_58df8158abeda_02.jpg 2017-04-01_58df8158abf44_03.jpg 2017-04-01_58df8158abfa9_04.jpg 2017-04-01_58df8158ac00a_05.jpg 2017-04-01_58df8158ac06f_06.jpg