Im Wald By Taeg Nishimoto

‘Im Wald’ by Taeg Nishimoto is a series of side tables that are made of transparent legs and a combination of differently sized disk tops in black. It is an exploration of the visual as well as tactile texture of transparent plastic and its effect.

2017-08-21_599b4fd660595_imWald-taegnishimoto-3-1200.jpg 2017-08-21_599b4fd660615_imWald-taegnishimoto-d1-1200B.jpg 2017-08-21_599b4fd66068b_imWald-taegnishimoto-g2-1200.jpg 2017-08-21_599b4fd6606f2_imWald-taegnishimoto-is2-1200.jpg 2017-08-21_599b4fd660757_imWald-taegnishimoto-n2-1200.jpg 2017-08-21_599b4fd6607bc_imWald-taegnishimoto-n4-1200.jpg