Terra Incognita By Guillaume Pépy

The series ‘Terra Incognita’ by Guillaume Pépy is first and foremost a journey to the end of the world, in the midst of the unsettling polar landscapes that fascinated explorers for so long. On the one hand the intriguing and mythical polar fauna, on the other the disorientating whiteness of the ice. Imagined since antiquity and then coveted by generations of explorers, the Antarctic continent remained Terra Incognita until its discovery in 1820. Since then, its ice cap has transmitted us a unique 800 000 years-old climate archive, revealing a new climatic era marked by human activity.

2017-08-21_599b51db73673_guillaume-pepy-DSC_4885-Modifier-4-Laplage.jpg 2017-08-21_599b51db7360b_guillaume-pepy-DSC_3683-Modifier-LempereurIV.jpg 2017-08-21_599b51db7359e_guillaume-pepy-DSC_2006-Modifier-Katabasis.jpg 2017-08-21_599b51db736fd_guillaume-pepy-DSC_4937-Modifier-Big-foot.jpg 2017-08-21_599b51db7379e_guillaume-pepy-DSC_7358-Modifier-3-Partir.jpg 2017-08-21_599b51db7382b_guillaume-pepy-DSC_7626-Modifier-3-OnamarchsurlaLune.jpg