Daniel Müller Jansen / Becoming One

The series “Becoming One” by Daniel Müller Jansen explores the behaviour and manners of tour groups and families at well-known historic and cultural sites. The focus is on the dynamics of interpersonal constellations, which the acting people are not aware of. None of these situations are staged – they all are authentic moments. Bringing the photographic contents together on two image levels allows a direct comparison between the people acting and sightseeing on the one hand and the meaningful architecture and view of the sites on the other hand. As a consequence the observer has time to calmly study the otherwise fleeting moment and correlate with the setting – an ephemeral becoming one of the people and the site, which has both a ritual and authentic nature. The photographs in this series were taken in seven European countries and fifteen cities – including Barcelona, Berlin, Braunschweig, Bremen, Cologne, Copenhagen, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Schwerin, Sirmione, Stockholm, Stralsund and Toledo.

2016-04-19_57167d4ba29f0_1BecomingOne_ChapterIIno_6.jpg 2016-04-19_57167d4ba2ac7_3BecomingOne_ChapterIIno_7.jpg 2016-04-19_57167d4ba2a5f_2BecomingOne_ChapterIIno_1.jpg 2016-04-19_57167d4ba2bef_6BecomingOne_ChapterIIno_12.jpg 2016-04-19_57167d4ba2b8b_5BecomingOne_ChapterIIno_10.jpg 2016-04-19_57167d4ba2b29_4BecomingOne_ChapterIIno_3.jpg