Boys On Wheels

‘Boys On Wheels’ series – a collection of ordinary mundane objects which have been granted a new life. The project which was developed in collaboration with Donghwan Kam and Basse Stittgen Design Academy Eindhoven – is based on a series of humorous illustrations that depict various items using extra hands, wheels and utensils.

2016-09-13_57d8123f81dce_hassan.jpg 2016-09-13_57d8123f81d66_hassan2.jpg 2016-09-13_57d8123f81cf0_all.jpg 2016-09-13_57d8123f81e35_lumberjackjack.jpg 2016-09-13_57d8123f81efb_volta.jpg 2016-09-13_57d8123f81e99_volta2.jpg