Bathroom Stories By Berber Theunissen

In our tough, chaotic world, with all its societal pressures, we try our hardest just to stay afloat. But in our bathroom, a simple place of isolation and solace, we can let go, relax, and pull ourselves together as we prepare for the dark, grown-up society on the outside. I focus my camera on things that affect me personally. Things that I love, but also things that make me feel vulnerable. I capture moments, feelings and memories of intense emotional value to me, or to the people around me. My photographs are reflections of the memories in my mind. I take photographs because I want to preserve what is otherwise lost forever; time.  Photography offers me a foothold, enabling me to observe my life in a more objective way. I reflect upon my own struggles by looking at how my friends and others around me cope with similar situations and feelings.

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