Same Same But Different By Gregory Bonnefond

“SAME SAME DIFFERENT” “Same same, but different” is a project in which I want to show how the ordinary can become original if we pay attention to it. I look through this photographic series to apprehend the anodyne places of the daily with a new eye. A photographic adventure that is a trip to the known and not to the unknown. For that I made the parallel with two twins sisters, with identical characteristics. They are dressed in the same way, except for the color of the shoes as when the twins are tiny and the parents find a detail to differentiate and identify them. When we look at a space we can see it always similar but by changing perspective, with a new eye, it will appear new. Just like the twins, which at first glance look identical but are completely distinct. So I built scenes where Marie and Laura integrate into the territory, play with the elements, their relationship and their own identity, sometimes in surreal and unusual way. This project takes place in Barcelon

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