1990-ongoing By Maria Babikova

The series ‘1990-ongoing’ by Maria Babikova  is a personal reflection on the dystopian reality of present day humanity. It acts as a road map or a dictionary for my understanding of the human condition. The work is heavily influenced by the photographer’s context. I grew up in the Soviet Union, a country that no longer exists. At a very young age I was pushed into the competitive world of rhythmic gymnastics, where beauty and perfection were the sole goal, and could only be obtained through continuous pain and dedication. I then found myself plucked out of Siberian obscurity and thrown into the world of high fashion, reinforcing the themes of beauty, fear and rejection, agonizingly underlined by depression and loneliness. This formed a connection between esthetic beauty and internal pain in my work. These beliefs were running in parallel with a surreal perception of the world, as I saw it. Deep Soviet memories mixed with disconnected explorations into other realities- Tokyo, Paris, New York, Milan and the extreme contradictions

2017-06-05_593527ba43681_02-BabikovaMaria.jpg 2017-06-05_593527ba43612_01-BabikovaMaria.jpg 2017-06-05_593527ba437ab_05-BabikovaMaria.jpg 2017-06-05_593527ba4374a_04-BabikovaMaria.jpg 2017-06-05_593527ba436e8_03-BabikovaMaria.jpg 2017-06-05_593527ba4380d_06-BabikovaMaria.jpg