In New York’s Walker Tower, Galerie Philia’s Design Exhibition Presents Sculptural Works Of Art


The international contemporary design and modern art gallery Galerie Philia has curated a striking collection of furniture pieces set in an apartment inside New York City’s art deco Walker Tower.

The pieces in the exhibition represent some of the best of 21st century collectible design from designers all across Europe. Each room features its own signature aesthetic and color-palette, with pieces carefully selected by the international gallery in collaboration with designer and architect Pietro Franceschini, to respond to the functionality of each space. Running until mid-May, the exhibition aims to introduce 70 works by both emerging and established designers from Europe, including German designer Niclas Wolf, Georgian duo ROOMS, and Belgian designer Arno Declercq, among a string of other talents. The elegant loft-style apartment boasts breathtaking views over Downtown New York, providing a stylish setting for the gallery’s collection of statement works.

“The main objective is to create a dialog between the different pieces, in a setup that reflects Galerie Philia’s style,” explains Pietro Franceschini. The main rooms feature a mostly monochrome color palette of black, white and brass, with primitive shapes and hand-crafted materials bringing out the apartment’s character. “Our goal is to show that minimal doesn’t necessarily mean reductive,” Franceschini continues. “A rather different language comes out in the pastel bedroom, where everything is tinted pink, yellow, and green. Chunky shapes and bold colors find their place in this room, bringing an unexpected playful touch.” For more information on the exhibition, click here.


Opéra table lamp, Elisa Uberti Pink Stoneware 55 x 36 x 17 cm


Chair, Studio Noon Pigmented Cement


Green Console, Laurids Gallée. 150 x 25 x 70 cm Resin


Gold Arch Console, Pietro Franceschini Brass 103 x 30 x 86 cm


Bling Bling Chair, Pietro Franceschini Ash Wood, Lamb 79 x 79 x 75 cm


Corsica Tower, 2020, Vince Skelly Oak 30 x 30 x 127 cm


Senufo Side Table/ Stool, Arno Declercq 30 x 30 x 45cm Iroko wood, patinated steel


Elephante Stool, 2019, Studio Noon Pigmented Cement 61 × 61 × 61 cm


Beautiful Pollution, Théo Pinto Oil and Resin on Panel 2020 165 x 124 cm

All images courtesy of Galerie Philia and Reiber PR

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