Atelier Biagetti’s Playful Take On Sexuality And The Body

Known for their playful approach to contemporary obsessions and the utmost attention to detail, Atelier Biagetti took one step further in penetrating the subject of the body with their new installation ‘NO SEX’.

Shown at this year’s Milan Design Week, the installation exposes the people’s relationship with the subject of sex and its taboos. Created as a sterile, pink-hued wellness clinic, it offers a space “to detox or retox from the overdose or abstinence of sex in contemporary life,” as the designers describe. A space of liberty and equality, the set was made to re-establish one’s equilibrium in relation to the subject of sex in contemporary culture. Crafted by Italian masters, the pieces subvert common associations with their form and function. From a daybed designed for one, wide enough for two, an accordion chair and a stool sighing every time someone sits on it to a chandelier made of LED lights and latex, each piece contributes to creating a playful and evocative space, leaving the rest to one’s desires and imagination.


All images © courtesy of Atelier Biagetti / Delfina Sisto Legnani / Marco Cappelletti