Studio Henry Wilson’s Timeless Designs Emphasize Texture, Form, And “Awkward Beauty”


The work of Australian multidisciplinary design firm Studio Henry Wilson fuses simple function with unique forms, creating furniture, interiors, and accessories that are elegant and practical.

Wilson’s collections include a variety of pieces that are categorized not by what they are, but by their material: marble, textured stone, stainless steel, brass, travertine rock, bronze, and leather. The objects in the ranges encompass everything from light fixtures and trays to bookends and vide poches—a French term for a small compartment to keep loose items. Last year, Wilson collaborated with skincare brand Aésop on their first homeware product, a brass oil burner, following the success of his interior design of the brand’s Sydney-based store. The studio’s recent ‘Surface Sconce’ collection is a range of minimal, ambient lights that are carved in two halves from stone, bronze, and aluminium. The light source follows the outline of the concave shape, reflecting a warm glow, and doubles as an interior art object when not in use. Speaking of his sculpted designs, Wilson explains that his studio is “interested in the awkward beauty that comes from something made by hand. We like to explore how imperfection can be introduced into an industrial process, to make something at scale that retains a sense of individual charm”.

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All images © Rory Gardiner

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