PaulinePlusLuis’ Minimalist Venise Wall Lamp

Julien Renault

Brussels-based lighting and home decor specialists PaulinePlusLuis has designed the Venise, a simple wall lamp inspired by the traditional Venetian blind.

Composed of a singular sheet of aluminum cut into slats, the Venise lamp is designed to mimic the way Venetian blinds allow sunlight to filter through windows. PaulinePlusLuis aimed to “reproduce the interaction between slats and sunlight” in Venise, making the lighting phenomenon tangible. Anodized aluminum sheets were lazer cut and twisted in order to create the slats. This malleable material was used for the entire lamp, making it truly minimalist in form. A light placed behind this facade shines through the gaps, creating a soft glow.
The arched top and iconic blind-style slats, which are so closely associated with everyday windows and blinds, give users a nostalgic feeling or sense of déjà vu. The designers hoped that this would help individuals to create, or recall, their own stories around the lamp. PaulinePlusLuis are inspired by “the shapes already belonging to our environment” and work with products that “refer to stories and moments”. Venise comes with no additional wiring or embellishments, so when hung on a wall, it really looks as if it could be a real window.

All images © Julien Renault

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