Babel 2.0


Steffen Schellenberger designed a bowl set called Babel 2.0. Usually varied cooking is related to lot of tools and a spacious kitchen. Babel 2.0 is a space-saving, functional six-piece kitchen object designed to prepare and present meals. The ensemble consists of four different bowls plus a colander and a basket. It remains compact and ‘disguised’ as a fruitbowl on the kitchen tabletop. Every piece is manufactured in a different material and can be used to fulfil various culinary needs. All elements stack among each other while the basket forms the base of the composition. You can easily combine every single element with each other and alter their order in any desired way. Thus Babel 2.0 changes its appearance everytime you use it.

All images © Steffen Schellenberger | Via: Stilsucht

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