5 Masterpieces By Chilean Architect Felipe Assadi


Chilean architect Felipe Assadi’s contemporary works make use of the dramatic topography on which they are created. Assadi has completed a number of spectacular remote dwellings along the Chilean coast and nestled into the mountainside.

Assadi is widely known for his angular constructions that are mostly built with exposed concrete and glass; ranging from private residences to hotels, villas, and pavilions. His projects all follow a similar philosophy, in that they’re based on clear plans for striking properties that extend out over impressive scenery. From the residence with a roof that doubles as a viewing platform to the transportable house mounted on metal pillars; in the collection that follows each architectural creation by Assadi stands as equal to its dramatic backdrop.

 Awes Patagonia

At ‘Awes Patagonia’, a retreat in a remote part of Chile, 12 elevated beech wood lodges are scattered into the Torres del Paine mountainside. Assadi’s firm chose the location for its vast and rugged nature. The lodges are dotted across a steep hill that slopes down to an iceberg-strewn lake, offering guests the chance to glimpse wild animals from their windows. find the full article here.


Image © courtesy of Felipe Assadi Arquitectos

Casa Cipolla

With stunning views of the ocean beyond, this reinforced concrete building makes the most of its position overlooking the Pacific with a roof that doubles as a viewing platform. The home is located 200 kilometers south of Santiago on the outskirts of Pichidangui, a Chilean fishing village famed for its beaches. Read the full article here.


Image © Fernando Alda

Casa Bahia Azul

This hidden, rectangular structure is a concrete painter’s studio that is embedded into the hillside, to “leave the user in complete isolation”. The studio features a large floor-to-ceiling window that looks over the ocean to inspire creativity, and can only be entered via a narrow staircase. Find the full article here.


Image © Fernando Alda

Casa Remota

‘Casa Remota’ is a transportable, modern version of a cottage made from iron and pine wood. It was prefabricated off site, mounted on metal pillars, and transported to its location; directly on the surf beach at Pichicuy, Chile. The 80-square-meter house is comprised of four identical modules, making up three bedrooms, a central living space, dining room, and integrated kitchen. Read the full article here.


Image © Fernando Alda

Casa Roel

Located in a prestigious, high-density district in Mexico City, this home is arranged in an “H” shape—with two parallel pavilions and a third smaller one connecting them through the middle. The street-facing volume is fronted by a wooden lattice with a hexagonal pattern, while the interior is oriented toward the southwest; full of natural daylight. The home is elevated off the ground to allow plants to grow beneath it. See the article here.

FI_Architecture_Casa Roel_Assadi_Pulido_Broid_Estudio Palma_17

Image © Cristobal Palma

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