The Transportable House By Felipe Assadi

Casa Remota
Fernando Alda

The architecture studio of Felipe Assadi constructed a transportable cottage which is the prototype of a modular housing project. It’s located in the remote area of Pichicuy in Chile and its signature shape consists of two glass fronts facing nothing but nature. But what is even more interesting is how the house is set up: three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one living room are build from four identical modules of 3,5 x 6 meters. The used materials are iron and pine wood in both exterior and interior. The house is mounted on metal pillars previously arranged in a regular pattern, so that the installation of the modules could even be decided on the ground.

The module measures are determined by the maximum width and height which can be transported on the road without police escort, so that the entire design is derived from these limitations. The architects say: “The project aims to enable the user to configure their own home based on modules and a system that allows connections between these capsules without further instructions.”

All images © Fernando Alda | Via: Home Adore

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