2018 Round-Up: Our 5 Most Read Design Stories


As the year draws to a close, we reflect on the category of design—which was an exciting time with many eclectic creations.

Designers the world over set new benchmarks in their respective fields, be it interior, product, or furniture design. From our tour of the impeccable marble-filled home of an esteemed art director in Italy, to the monograph that documents the world’s rarest colors, in the collection that follows we revisit the most popular design posts of 2018.

1. The World’s Rarest Colors

An Atlas of Rare and Familiar Colour grants encyclopedic insight to the 2,500 vials of the world’s rarest pigments that are kept at the Harvard Art Museums. In perfectly color-coded chapters, this print publication visually excavates the collection of pigments. Find the full article here.


Image © Pascale Georgiev for Atelier Éditions

2. Tropical Forest By Tayone Design Studio

Tayone Design Studio’s ‘Tropical Forest’ is a coffee shop filled with over one hundred plant species: creating a green haven in the busy city of Hanoi. Hanoi is known for being particularly polluted; as a response, Tayone’s design is a forward-thinking way to introduce cleaner air into the city. Find the full article here.


Image © Nguyen Thai Thach

3. Neal Aronowitz’s Concrete Canvas Collection

The Portland-based artist’s award-winning collection is, in his own words, essentially “concrete cloth on a roll”. The striking, minimalist concept subverts any stereotype of concrete’s form as being rigid and dense, appearing instead as fluid, light and flexible. Find the full article here.


Image © Neal Aronowitz

4. A Tour Of Gabriele Salvatori’s Marble-Filled Home

This year we flew to Milan to visit the sophisticated home of Italian art director Gabriele Salvatori, accentuated generously with the marble that has kept his family business thriving for more than 60 years. We interviewed him about family expectations in Italian culture, the revival of slow craftsmanship and how the industry has changed. Find the full article here.


Image © Danilo Scarpati

5. Tea Bags That Look Like Designer Handbags

With a desire to keep tea fashionable, tea specialists Hälssen & Lyon collaborated with renown handbag designer Ayzit Bostan to craft ‘The Teabag Collection’—five limited-edition tea bags made from cordless silk that look like iconic designer handbags. Find the full article here.


Image © Hälssen & Lyon


SCENT by AOIRO x Ignant

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