6000 Miles Separate Dominik Tarabański From His Mother, This Project Brings Them Closer

Roses For Mother

Regardless of age, the distance between a mother and child is always acutely felt. Polish photographer Dominik Tarabański lives in New York, and his series ‘Roses For Mother’ was created to bridge the 6000 miles that separate him from his mother.

In his own words that follow, he explains why: Perhaps I was born optimistic, or I may have been slowly “infected” by my mother’s optimism. She finds the positive in any situation; even when it’s cold, grey and raining outside, she will say: “What a beautiful downpour!” We are divided by 6000 miles. What connects us is our shared optimism and the postcards I send her while I travel. She can’t join me, although I would love to take her everywhere with me. It is she who taught me how to be curious and look for the beauty and the positive in all. A part of her continues to push me forward, and, in return, I send her fragments of what I see.

This project was created solely by me, photographs of my own compositions, yet it was influenced by my mother’s positive outlook. I collect the sticks and flowers, arrange them patiently and in silence. The sticks snap, the flowers bend and die, rubber bands break, tape fails to hold the composition, things fall apart even before I manage to take a picture. I sit there, painstakingly working on each composition, and I never forget who told me to believe that everything is possible. I would love to show my mum all the capitals of the world and more. Until I am able to do this I will continue to share with her my postcards and these images of flowers I collect along the way. Roses for Mother.


All images © Dominik Tarabański