2018 Round-Up: Our 5 Most Read Art Stories


Expansive in form and ever innovative in content, the art featured on IGNANT this year has offered us a kaleidoscopic experience of the world. In the post that follows, we present the five most-read art stories from 2018.

Covering a wide range of disciplines, our favorite stories from the year that has been include everything from ceramics to 3D rendering, oil paintings, and architectural installations. What unites these pieces is that they each offer a unique way of looking at the familiar. The ceramic work of Clementine Keith-Roach takes one of the most ubiquitous household objects—the vase—and transforms it into art via anthropomorphic additions. Robert Roth paints the sky and the sun; not an uncommon leitmotif for a landscape painter. Yet, his rendering of the changing colors of the horizon gives the impression of a skyline that is both real and surreal in its beauty.

1. Clementine Keith-Roach Creates Anthropomorphic Vases

Urns, with curves that seem to declare them feminine, are rendered dually so in the work of Clementine Keith-Roach. These works are created using a unique combination of methods; Keith-Roach moulding her own breasts and those of women close to her, and then transferring the plaster cast busts onto clay vessels. An act of political significance at a time when female nipples are still deemed taboo on many platforms. Find the full article here.


Image © Clementine Keith-Roach

2. Le Corbusier’s Modernist Masterpiece Sunk In A Danish Fjord

Whilst the real Villa Savoye stands under UNESCO protection as a world heritage site, in the Vejle fjord, Danish artist Asmund Havesteen-Mikkelsen has sunk a 1:1 replica of Le Corbusier’s masterpiece in his work ‘Flooded Modernity’. Find the full article here.


Image © Asmund Havesteen-Mikkelsen

3. Volumes By Maxim Zhestkov

The work of Moscow artist Maxim Zhestkov merges motion design with patterns in nature: his computer generated video work ‘Volumes’ explores this combination through the rhythmic movement of billions of colored particles. Find the full article here.

Volumes By Maxim Zhestkov

Image © Maxim Zhestkov

4. The World As Rendered Through Alexis Christodoulous’ Eyes

The architectural renderings of Cape Town-based artist Alexis Christodoulous are refined interpretations of real-world locations, designed as if reimagined in a dream. “The images I create are a simple extension of the desire to see fantastic spaces come to life that echoes a more modern and clean aesthetic”, he explains. Find the full article here.

5. Robert Roth Paints How The Light Gets In

Ohio-based artist Robert Roth paints the vastness of the sky and the power of the sun, capturing the horizon as blue melts into shades of bright amber and soft rose. Find the full story here.


Image © Robert Roth

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