5 Planter Designs Advocating For Greener Interiors


As contemporary society’s obsession with indoor plants continues to bloom, we’ve rounded up the most thoughtfully designed planters for interior spaces from our IGNANT archive.

Beyond the obvious aesthetic addition that they make to our homes and offices, plants are beneficial to the health of those they surround: reducing carbon dioxide levels, removing pollutants and dust from the air, and lowering temperatures. Whilst the spider plants that populated homes during the ’70s have made a surprise comeback, designers have turned their thoughts to more intelligent planter systems than traditional terracotta. The collection that follows features self-sustaining ecosystems—where plants grow without true sunshine or water, flying potted plants and an illuminated frame to ensure your green friends survive the winter, amongst other designs for the aesthetically minded verdant home.

‘Mygdal’ by Nui Studio

The innovative ‘Mygdal’ lamp by the German firm, Studio Nui not only provides illumination but also allows plants to flourish in windowless spaces. Designed as a self-sustaining ecosystem allowing plants to grow free of the need for sunshine or water, the hand-blown glass light takes its name from the rough translation from the Danish term for ‘fertile soil’. Find the full story here.

mygdal_lamp_09_web_©ErwinBlock Photography

Image © Erwin Block

‘Viride’ by Goula Figuera

Barcelona-based design studio Goula Figuera created ‘Viride’ (meaning ‘green’ in Latin), a set of illuminated planters that combined vegetation with artificial lighting. The self-timed LED lamps built in to the three types of plant holders replace natural lighting, allowing plants and vegetables to grow indoors. Find the full story here.

iGNANT-Design-Goula-Figuera-Viride-05 copy
iGNANT-Design-Goula-Figuera-Viride-04 copy

All images © Goula Figuera

'Lyfe' by Flyte

Conceived as a rotating plant holder hovering over a base made of oak, ‘LYFE’ suspends your air plants in mid-air via magnetic levitation system. The Swedish team behind the design explain, “The magnetic field of the Earth has powerful effects on all life forms, especially plants. ‘LYFE’ isolates and concentrates magnetic poles allowing you to suspend your plants on a cushion of air.” Find the full story here.


All images © LYFE

'Nebl Planter' by Studio Rem

German nebel, from the Latin nebula, translates to mean fog—an opaque mass of particles, usually composed of water, that sit suspended in the air, restricting visibility. As an ode to misty German mornings spent in nature, Berlin-based firm Studio Rem has created the ‘Nebl’ planter. Find the full story here.


Images © Studio Rem

'Limbus GreenFrame' by Kauppi & Kauppi

Swedish designer Johan Kauppi, of Kauppi & Kauppi, has designed a green screen for potted plants that features integrated lighting: allowing even the darkest corner to become a verdant oasis. Kauppi & Kauppi teamed up with Glimkara for this thoroughly Swedish affair: a minimal, light wood frame for your plants — the Limbus GreenFrame. Find the full story here.


Image © Kauppi & Kauppi

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