Jonas Edvard’s Myx Lamp, A Luminaire Grown From Mushrooms And Waste

Myx Lamp
Jonas Edvard

The ‘Myx Lamp‘ by Danish product designer Jonas Edvard features an organic exterior grown from plant fibers and mushroom mycelium.

The lampshade takes approximately three weeks to create: Plant fibers and mushroom mycelium grow together to create a soft and flexible living textile designed in a cylindrical form. After two weeks, edible Oyster mushrooms are harvested from the exterior of the lampshade, the waste product that remains becomes the lamp; the lightweight material offers an organic, compostable and sustainable alternative to traditional design components. As Edvard explains, “The MYX consists of waste—the mushroom organism comes from a commercial mushroom farm and the plant fibers are leftover material from the textile industry.” Rather than ditching such waste products, Edvard is reimagining them as luminaires and creating new life (and food products) in the process.

All images © Jonas Edvard

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