Triptychs Of Japan Inspired By The Country’s Popular Three-Tiered Desert


Italian photographer Alex Liverani created a series of triptychs from a journey through Japan in a work that is whimsically inspired by a national dessert.

Dango: Three sweet dumplings in pink, white and green, skewered on a stick and served as the popular Japanese dessert. Drawing both title and concept from this stacking of edible parts, Liverani has created a collection of triptychs that balance color and form thoughtfully. In them, moments of mimesis occur between snapshots of the everyday. Two handfuls of anemic strawberries in a millennial pink polystyrene case are buttressed on one side by a girl fixing her hair in her window, and on the other, by a towel hanging in an empty lot. Though seemingly unrelated, color and form bring the triptychs together, stacking them on top of one another like the delicious dessert after which they were named.

All images © Alex Liverani

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