Golden Hour Portraits Captured By Drew Escriva


Portland born, Los Angeles-based photographer Drew Escriva shoots hazy, nostalgic film photography that is playful, emotive and glowing.

Shooting primarily on analog film, Escriva captures her subjects mostly during The Golden Hours—that figurative period of time when the rich orange and honey tones of the sun illuminate the sky in soft, poetic light. It’s easy to discern the connection the photographer makes with her subjects; the viewer is pulled into the affection of the moment themselves. Some are candid, some are staged for photoshoots—but one thing the artist’s images have in common is their liberating nature. Dreamy portraits with romantic hues and sun-drenched shadows are integrated amongst hazy black and white analog photography, giving a sense of warmth to Escriva’s body of work.

All images © Drew Escriva

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