Destigmatizing Waste: Sinae Kim’s Ceramic Collection, Urine Ware

Urine Ware

Advocating for a more progressive use of waste, London-based designer Sinae Kim has crafted a collection of decorative ceramic vessels glazed in urine.

‘Urine Ware’ comprises objects inspired by the shape of laboratory vessels and the bladder itself. Using urine collected from five people over a period of five months, Kim created a glaze through a process of distillation and evaporation. Whilst it might seem unfathomable to a modern audience, urine is a resource that was once widely used—and Kim’s work is making a comment on the stigmatization of waste, and more broadly, on sustainability in design. “I found out, unlike the common belief sharedin modern society, urine was used for many purposes in pre-industrial society,” Kim explains, “planting, cleansing, therapeutic medicine, whitening teeth and tanning leather.” As each human produces approximately two liters of urine a day, it seems an area deserving of further investigation.

All images © Sinae Kim

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