Poetic Furniture, Frozen Textile by Demeter Fogarasi

Hungarian designer Demeter Fogarasi stills the moment of production for his ‘Poetic Furniture, Frozen Textile’ chair which features a windswept piece of material “blown” onto its frame.

After playing around with biodegradable plastic also known as polylactic acid plastic (PLA), and natural textiles, Fogarasi wanted to create a composite material that could be used for his new chair idea. As he explains, the aim was to create a material that not only possesses “good technical properties” but also “emphasizes naturalness” and looks both “intriguing and inspiring.” The final product was a material made of layers of plastic and textile that have been heat-pressed together to make a composite material. This can then be reheated and shaped once cool, enabling the designer to set it into his desired shape. For this particular chair, he set the material midway through the design process, making it look as if it has been blown onto the frame, with pieces of fabric extending outwards over the edges. To make the chair’s structure, Fogarasi used a mold for his tubular steel framework. The chair has two slightly longer back legs giving it a reclining feel.


All images © Mihály Demeczky