A Chair That Looks Like A Drawing


Based between Los Angeles and Detroit, Ara Levon Thorose investigate post industrial form and material experiments to create objects at the intersection of art and design. Thorose’s devotion to the extra-ordinary forms and surfaces is at the center of ‘Tubular group 01‘, an unusual series of intricate chairs. In fact, the project is a collection of three dimensional line drawing of a chair, created in seven movements. Here, “abstraction meets function,” says the artist. While the general form encourages users to seat in an upright position by lightly touching their lower back, it also allows them to sit in a more relaxed posture. The chairs come in three names and colors – 7M (blue), 6M (red) and 3M (yellow), each number telling the number of strokes used to crate its final form.

Photography © Matthew Tait
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