Tiny Huts By MUJI


As questions about how we can live sustainably in the future abound, the tiny house movement gains ever-more traction. MUJI has just released their own tiny huts for sale to the general public in Japan.

Despite their size — the interior is a compact 9 square meters — the design of the tiny hut allows ample space for three to four people to relax, ideally somewhere outside of the city. Whether perched in a forest clearing or overlooking the sea, the adaptable design of these homes means that they suit all landscapes. As MUJI asks,“Who hasn’t dreamt of living somewhere they really want to be?” Inside the high ceiling is reached by untreated cypress plywood walls, and a large glass sliding front opens onto a porch space. The tiny huts are built on a raft foundation for heating and cleaning ease, and the body is crafted from Japanese wood utilizing traditional shipbuilding techniques. These small living spaces are exemplars of innovative design thinking and minimalism — and perhaps, a look into the future.


All images © MUJI

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