A Woodland Retreat In Mexico By Tatiana Bilbao

Rory Gardiner

Mexico City-based Tatiana Bilbao works with her multidisciplinary office to create innovative architecture, defying the need for a signature style. When approached by a client with a 2,200 square meter share of woodland in a large family plot, Bilbao conceived ‘Los Terrenos’: a triad of buildings each with their own function and focus on a different material. Living and dining space is brought together in a structure covered in its entirety with a mirrored facade, which sits in harmony with the natural environment. A gable roof imitates the peak of a nearby mountain. In the clay brick L-shaped building, Bilbao has created two bedrooms and bathrooms, and a third elevated structure, constructed with wood, is currently still under development. By installing the project as a modest set of buildings in dialogue with one another and their surroundings, the architect is able to continue an aim of her practice: “Every building is different for us. We try to think on a human scale.”

All images © Rory Gardiner

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