Erik Östensson Captures Subtle Moments Of Complexity

The Circle and the Line

In his recent series ‘The Circle and the Line’, Stockholm-based photographer Erik Östensson presents his viewer with subtle complexities in the setting of every day life. His poetic, performative images capture emotive interactions between people, objects and the landscape. In each image, all elements are somewhat intertwined and exist in harmony with one another, forming new relationships in materiality and form. “When looking at our surroundings, we fill it with our own notions. Without these simplifications, we would not be able to operate within the world’s complexity,” the photographer explains. “I want to create images where the viewer can see it all again. I do this by depicting objects from a new angle and by putting them in a new context. Past notions are replaced and the meanings of familiar objects expand.”

All images © Erik Östensson

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